Thursday, January 26, 2017


 I thought it might be fun to build a musical instrument.  I decided to design my own concoction comprised of a cigar box guitar body, hurdy gurdy wheel crank, mountain dulcimer fret scale, tenor banjo neck, and 3/4 scale cello strings.  In the tradition of the great hurdy gurdy luthiers of antiquity I carved a face (my wife Martha) on the tuning head stock.  I worked sporadically on it whenever inspired between sculpting animated film maquettes.  I really enjoyed the intuitional process of designing it as I built it.  I even decided to add an internal auxilary soundboard for extra tone and volume.  On the bittersweet day of completion I tuned up the three cello strings to an open C, turned the crank handle, and discovered that it actually worked!


  1. Hi Kent,

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    1. Hi Anuj,

      Thank you for honoring my work. I appreciate your kind compliment very much.


  2. Hi Kent! This is so inspiring to see how you work from sculpture to creating your own instruments between projects.

    You are a really a big influence on me with your work and I always look to your sculptures to keep that standard of always striving for excellence.

  3. Make it sound like an old hammond b2/b4 organ and man you really got something