Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My career as a sculptor began in the 1980s taking commissions from an art gallery that specialized in woodcarvings. Carving wood was kind of like training for clay sculpting while wearing wrist weights.


  1. oh wow that is beautiful mr.Kent ♥
    You should make a tutorial of sort of how you do these awesome creations!

  2. Thank you Emma. I'm always fascinated by your interpretations of my work.
    I do eventually intend to post a step by step demonstration on my method of sculpting.
    As for wood carving I just cut down a tree with my chainsaw, chip off the outer bark. carve away wood with a mallet and various chisels until it looks like the vision in my mind, and then when the wood is dry I finish it up by light sanding and oil staining.

  3. .....dude.....your nutz.........amazing nutz!!

  4. 174 --I admit defeat, but still think you cheated!!
    jk congrats!

  5. can't believe it - kent! accidentally I found your blog, such incredible, beautiful work. and your paintings! stunning. hope you are well.
    all my best to you

  6. Glad to find your blog. I always admired your superb commercial work for Disney and WB -- but your personal work is even more remarkable. Thanks for showing it here.

    I still regret we never connected in person when we both lived in the same neck of the woods!

  7. Kent you always were one the best woodcarver-sculptors I've seen in all my years as a professional woodcarver. Iris is out standing example of your tremendous talent. I'm making a point to run out to Bonniebrook to see you during your visit there demonstrating. Congratulations on all your success.
    Bob Robertson

  8. Thanks Bob, I'm greatly honored by your kind compliment. Your incredible sculptures have always been a major inspiration to me. I look forward to visiting with you at Bonniebrook.

  9. i made a drawing out of your lovely sculpture, Mr. Kent :)
    hope you like it

  10. Hi Kent! It was so great meeting you at CTN and hearing you story about how you got into the business. Thanks for taking the time to chat! Your blog is incredible and I have added it to my bookmarks. Thanks for sharing your amazing work! I particularly love your self portrait. Hope to see you at next years CTN.

  11. One of the most beautiful wood sculptures I've ever seen