Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tempus fugit! Here's a caricature sketch of my daughter Nellie that I painted when she was six.


  1. Thank you Joseph. Your work is incredibly inspiring!

  2. Beautiful work here!Love your character design!:O)

  3. Hi Ken,

    Your Blog is just Stunning, very inspiring!

    You´re a Master!

  4. KENT!! YOU HAVE A BLOG!! I am so behind! THis is AMAZING. I have never seen your paintings. Incredible man! You are a talented son of a... It is so cool to see more of your personal work all around Kent. WOW! Its great seeing the devil automaton all put together too! I hope you are doing well sir. And hope to catch up with you sometime again soon. Your blog just made my year!

  5. Ha!! She definitely has some Kent in her face!! I like the sassy pose!!

  6. Hahaha, this really is one sweet piece. As mentioned before by someone else, the sassy pose makes her look like she is going to be right whatever you like it or not. Or pleading her dad to "pretty please I want a pony". She looks adorable, at least as adorable as little stuck up girls can be.
    I like how she looks quite like an old fashioned girl, with the ribbon on her burnbrown-ish hair. Her scrawny little body and untied shoes.
    looks great mr.Melton, yet again you make a character suitable for a book or movie.
    Ever considered making a children's book that you illustrate yourself? I think it'd sell well.
    Or heck, even your own conceptual-art book?
    that's something I'd buy. <3