Thursday, March 3, 2011


When I was thirteen my Aunt Nancy worked at a big printing company and would sometimes bring me large scraps of paper. I didn't have any real art supplies so I would draw with my dad's ballpoint pens. I loved drawing... but not the drawings, so when I was finished I would always throw them away. When my mom saw this dragon she liked it well enough to rescue it from the trash and even enter it in a community art contest four years later. I always hated games and contests and so my parents had to force me to go and collect the first prize. I remember being completely embarrassed by what to me was now this "little kid" drawing. I was by then an adult high school student after all. I must admit that I was thrilled though when I found out about the $50.00 worth of art supplies that were part of my winnings. We didn't have art classes at our school and I remember carefully trying to figure out how they all worked. I always wanted to use them sparingly so that they might last me until I was old enough to buy more.

This is one of only a few surviving pieces of my childhood art found stored away in a box that my mother had saved for me until she passed away in 2002.