Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Empty Locket

This painting is designed to be mounted on the ceiling.


  1. it's a beautiful piece of art. it looks like dust is swirling up with the wind, making it look wild and powerful. But also it is so forming and gentle for the eyes to look at, yet very lively like a hypnotic dance. The fact that she is standing/dancing in the nowhere makes me think of it at either a hurricane dance kind of thing, or maybe a nymph of the autumn. whichever it is, it's strong and beautiful.

  2. I've only completed a few in my lifetime yet oil painting is my first love.

  3. if oilpainting is a passion of yours, mr.M, I think you should spend some more tender loving moments with it. it's really a nice catch to the eyes. I kind of drown into it.